Saturday Morning Space Cadets

5: Role-Play Areas

This document describes where on the Black Gazza sim the SM Space Cadets will Role-Play.

Inside of Black Gazza
• Level 2 of  Rental Apartments: classrooms, dorms, mess, etc.
• Space Docks
• Hangar, Lobby, Information, Lounge
• Research
• Medical

Space Outside of Black Gazza:
• Anywhere

Black Gazza Sim Surface:
• Anywhere

Other Sims:
• Anywhere we are welcome.
• Go on away missions. Get into trouble. Get rescued.
• Build up a good reputation for the SM Space Cadets.

Off Limits

• The Yard, Cell-block, etc. are off-limits to Space Cadets!
IC: The Space Academy would never permit Cadets to go to the cell-block.
Black Gazza Would never permit Space Cadets to visit the cell-block.
It's just not a reasonable scenario for Cadets to be in the secure area of the prison.

OOC: You can play a BG guard, medic, or inmate, too.
But don't go down to BG secure areas as a Space Cadet.
Don't go up to the Academy as an inmate.
Unless you're teaching a class, don't go up to the Academy as a guard or medic.

Timberwoof Lupindo
December 13, 2013