Saturday Morning Space Cadets

3: Jobs


This document describes the OOC jobs that there will be to get this project off the rgound.

Graphic Design

• logos
• rank insignia
• find a free readable science fictiony font
• write up a simple graphics design guide for those already familiar with Robin Williams' CRAP.

Clothing Design

• Underwear
• Duty Uniform
• Flight uniform with Plugsuit
• Dress Uniform
• Athletic Uniform


• some of the "classes" and exercises will need scripting support


• some of the "classes" and exercises will need special stages

Roleplay Scenario Design

• SMSC 4 Role-Play Scenarios describes the barest beginnings of ideas. These need to be filled out.

Roleplay Scenario Leading

• people don't run group rolep;ay scenes by themselves. We need roleplay leaders who can organize suff.

Timberwoof Lupindo
December 13, 2013