Saturday Morning Space Cadets

1: Introduction


This document describes the basic idea of the Saturday Morning Space Cadets. It describes the theme, activities, and rules.

The Star Trek Animated Space Cadets that weren't … and never will be.
If the Cartoon Channel had an adult Space Cadets cartoon series, this would be it.

We welcome all species: human, furry, mech.
We welcome members of any sci fi sim: Star Trek, Space: 1999, Battlestar Galactica, Bablyon 5, Star Wars, Firefly, etc. for a good mixture of "real" spacecraft science and rowdy college fun, hazing, and BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism).
We welcome nerdish sci-fi fans who want a fun time learning Real Space Stuff, getting into Space Cadet trouble, and getting rescued.

To owners of other Sci-Fi sims: I wish to establish a fun, friendly association with your space science fiction sim. I'm looking for people who want to role-play the Space Cadet experience, to learn about "real" space ships and procedures as well as science-fiction ones. I intend to teach everything from basic role-play skills to advanced stuff any Space Cadet should know. I want to graduate Cadets to the rank of "Lieutenant". This is not intended to "steal" your players or to be competition with you; it's intended as a supplement to your sim's sci-fi adventure. If you want to send us your Space Cadets, we'd be happy to take them. If we're the kind of adult role-play sim you don't want to have any part of, that's fine too.

This is new, an experiment. If you want slick and finished and ready for you to sign up without a hitch, wait a year. If you want to join the first class of space cadets, experience the hiccups of a new SL adventure in the making, make new friends, and have a fun time, this is the program for you.


Saturday Morning Space Cadets "Episodes":
Half-hour to 45 minutes of class followed by an hour or two of role-play.
Mornings SL time, noonish East Coast, late afternoon Europe.

Link: Scenarios
Link: Curriculum


Long-Term Plan: Academy, Office, classrooms, dormitories, library, gym, laboratories, space dock, hangar bay, airlocks, sensor array, reactor core, hydroponics lab, shooting range.
Short-Term Implementation: At Black Gazza Station, we occupy Rentals Two and have use of a Space Dock, the Hangar Deck, and the surface.  What we have:

• Lecture Hall
• Simulator Room
• Dormitory, Hess Hall, Commandant's Office
• Airlock
• Hangar Deck
• Space Dock
• Surface

Link: Role-Play Areas


From the stars, knowledge.
Your first duty is to the Truth.
Imagine, Believe, Learn and Do.
Leave a cadet. Come back a hero!
Boldly going forward… because we can't find reverse!
Curiosity translating into Contribution: Play, Wonder, Explore, Serve.
As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine ship, this fine crew. Never give up... and never surrender.
By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged.
Are we there yet?

Da Rulz OOC

Adults only; no child avatars. No griefing. No drama. Sim owners and security are the final arbiters. If you come to the attention of sim owners and you want a chance to stay, don't argue. Be an honorable Space Cadet and say, "I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again."

• Fun first! Role-play! Flying, shooting; rowdy, horny college boys and girls!
• Don't be an ass.
• Act like an adult; keep your bits covered in public areas.
• No griefing; no drama; no power-gaming.
• Don't come to the negative attention of sim owners.
• Don't complain to sim owners about how everyone is harassing you.
• Don't ask for minute explanations of the rules. If you can't figure out "Don't be an ass" on your own then please find somewhere else to play.
• Don't carry off-sim history with you and use it to cause drama.
• Don't think that someone else being an ass gives you license to be an ass.
• Be in charge of your demons. We're not social workers.
• Lose your Early 21st Century Earth mannerisms and slang. Captain Kirk never said, "Wassup?"
• Please make your character appropriate for the theme.
• No BG inmate characters, no BG guard characters. Does this really need explanation?

We want a good ratio of Cadets to Instructors. We have no openings for Instructors now. When we exceed 3:1, we'll revisit that. Instructors are encouraged to play Cadet from time to time.

This will be "Episodic" roleplay, not necessarily with any big story arc. At the end of every episode, things are pretty much as they were at the start. Think of pure episodic TV shows like Star Trek Classic, The Next Generation, or Lost in Space, not so much ones with story arcs like BattleStar Galactica, Babylon 5, or Star Trek Voyager, and not movies where things seriously change. And since each "episode" starts with a class lecture, the class lectures may be repeated or revised as needed by new cadets. An "Episode" will last between one and, say, four Saturdays.

An adventure may result in you being turned into something scary and horrible, or being implanted with a robot control device, but this transformation will be temporary. You will, within the space of a few episodes at most, be restored, and there will be no transformations, permanent or otherwise, without your consent.

Da Rulz IC

Cadets and instructors are expected to be in uniform while on duty. Off-duty is another matter. Blue for Instructors and Orange for Cadets.

Black Gazza, the notorious secret prison, are our hosts. The cell-block is strictly off-limits to Cadets. In a medical emergency, you may be escorted to the Medical Deck.

If you spot a prisoner wandering the station or on any away mission, turn them over to the prison authorities. It may take a while for the prison authorities to arrive, so what you do with the prisoner is up to your discretion. But be aware: When the prison authorities arrive, you better have your prisoner. They will happily take you instead. If you're small-ship-qualified, two of you can return an inmate to the authorities. Please do not even think of using the prison as a hazing exercise for newer cadets.

Excessive hazing will be punished.

OOC Activities

SM SPace Cadets is brand-new. There's lots for people to do: scripting, building, plotting.

Link: Jobs.

Timberwoof Lupindo,
December 16, 2013