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My Riding Gear
Honda CB-1
Arai Astral The best choice in helmets is the one that fits comfortably. For a long time I wore an AGV because that's what fit me, but they're hard to find anymore, so the last time I went shopping for a ner helmet, I tried on the ones the shop had. The Astral fit. So that's what I got.

I bought my Aerostich in June, 1998 from the Motorcycle Leather Exchange soon after I bought my R1100GS.


  • comfortable
  • warm in the cold, cool in the hot
  • very cool and spacesuit-like
  • fast & easy to don and doff
  • has good padding
  • red
  • needs a key pocket.
  • makes me look like I've got a big butt.
I wish I had bought this suit right away instead of buying the other riding gear.
Pesci Sport Suit

I bought it used from some guy on the Internet. His story was that he had joined a racing team that supplied his gear and he didn't need this one any more. I htink it was because he crashed once too many times and his wife told him to get rid of all his bike gear.


  • It fits me fairly well.
  • It has bright reflective stripes.
  • The joint armor fits wery well.
  • With sweat pants and a sweater, it's fairly warm during the winter.
  • has some scars
  • waist zipper is breaking
Hein Gericke
Stealth jacket and Flightline pants

I bought the jacket when I got my CB-1, then bought the pants when I got my R1100GS.


  • built-in removable thermal liner
  • jacket ventilation system
  • comfortable


  • black and invisible at night
  • jacket zips to pants only at the back, not all the way around.
  • 30" pants were a bit too tight; 32" pants are a bit too loose.
  • Red panels on the jacket remind people of Michael Jackson.
  • Bauer sport cup - No smushing my nuts against the fuel tank!
  • Dainese back protector
  • On a cold day, a sweater and a Schampa collar to keep warm
  • Street clothes, or if I'm just riding, then sweat pants and a T-shirt
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