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Motorcycle Transmission Simulation

Here's a Shockwave movie that illustrates how the gears move around in a Honda CB-1 transmission when it gets shifted.
  • The blue shaft is the main shaft; it gets power from the engine through the clutch, which in this drawing would be connected to the right end of the shaft.
  • The green shaft is the countershaft. It gets its power from the main shaft through whichever pair of gears is connected at the moment by the shifting mechanism. In this drawing, the chain sprocket would be connected to the left end of the green shaft. Gears slide back and forth on their shafts; some gears are rotationally locked to their shaft by splines; others rotate freely until they mate with an adjacent gear. In this transmission.
  • Gears that are rotationally locked to their shaft are shaded.
  • Each gear on the main shaft is constantly meshed with its partner on the countershaft; this is a "constant-mesh" transmission.
  • The fat red line illustrates where the power travels.
    Click on the "Shift Up" and "Shift Down" buttons and watch as the gears slide around on the main and counter shafts.

    To see this movie, you need to download the Shockwave for Director 6.0 plug-in.
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