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Michael’s Motorcycle Quest: Part 1


The Quest Begins

I drove around on the curvy twisty swoopy roads of the Santa Cruz Mountains: highways 84, 35, 9, 17, and 152. On one of them (85) I was passed by about sixty-eight fast Japanese motorcycles whose riders must have thought that 85 was the speed limit. I was driving in my extremely RED 1991 Honda Civic Si (which had been, until that moment, a fairly exciting vehicle to drive) and these motorcycles were passing me like I was standing still. I realized that I wanted a motorcycle.

So I took the California Motorcyclist Safety Program's Motorcycle Rider Course (Call 877-RIDE-411 for dates and locations) and got my California motorcycle license. It was time for me to get a motorcycle and I wondered long and hard what I should get.

These were my criteria:

The motorcycle must look hot and attract YIFFs.
Handles and goes!
The motorcycle must turn well and behave itself over bumps and mountain twisties. It should be strong enough to get out of its own way, but not insanely so. I don't intend to race or burn rubber in an attempt to impress friends and strangers at intersections.
The motorcycle must not be a garage-queen. I paid more than my share of vehicle-maintenance dues by keeping two Lancia Betas in good running condition ... in Colorado, where winters are harsh, summers are harsh, and the seasons in between last about a month. Okay, I'm willing to do my own oil changes, but I do not want to do stuff like rebuild brake cylinders or replace suspension parts.
Okay, okay, I keep hearing that stock sucks! But I do not want to announce to all the thieves in the neighborhood that there's a new motorcycle for them to steal. And, unlike some boys I've heard, I've gotten over how my Mom didn't pay enough attention to me when I was a puppy, so I don't need to wake the neighbors every time I ride. So why mess with what engineers spent years working on?
I know I want a sportbike. Not a cruiser, not a tourer, not a standard, and for God's sake, not a Harley!

This is what I got

I decided on a 1989 Honda CB400f. It is small and maneuverable, it goes well, it's quiet, and it's a YIFF-certified boy-magnet. What more could I want?


The Quest Continues

I eventually traded my CB-1 in on a bigger bike.







Honda CB-1

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