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Suspension Setup

I weigh 130 pounds. These settings set up the bike to have used up about 1/3 of its suspension travel when I’m on the bike and it is lightly loaded, and the rear suspension has the correct rebound action.

Component Setting
Front Preload '1'
Rear Preload 28 clicks CCW from firmest (40 clicks total)
Rear Rebound 2 1/8 turns CCW from tightest


My original inclination was to leave the bike stock. I was pretty happy with the bike in stock form ... I didn't have an overwhelming urge to replace its exhaust or seat. But I did add some gizmos to the electrical system ... and bars and bags ... and realized that I was slowly building an Urban Assault Vehicle. So now I have a plan and it's slowly unfolding.

Item Brand Description Cost
Headlight Modulator



: a little box wired in series between the headlight and the rest of the bike, makes the high beam flicker four times per second. A photocell turns it off at night. Its purpose is to make cage drivers aware of me hopefully reduce my chances of getting hit by a cager making a left turnin front of me. Such devices are expressly legal in all 50 states. $70
Brake Light Modulator



: a litle box wired in series with the taillight and the rest of the bike, makes the taillight flash for the first few seconds that the brake lights are lit up. Its purpose is to make cage drivers aware of me when I'm braking and hopefully reduce my chances of getting rear-ended.This device is legal in California. $60
Running Lights Modification  

Make the front turn signals light up a little bit all the time to act as running lights. This would help cagers better gauge my approach speed.

Brush Guards BMW Plastic shells over the handlebar grips to protect my hands from wind, rain, and rear-view mirrors. $40
Engine Guards BMW Tubular steel frame that bolts to the engine and protects it in case the bike falls over. $150 used


System Cases

modular plastic luggage custom-fitted for the BMW R1100 motorcycles. $350 used
Loud Horn Fiamm Replacement horns that are louder than the original. The idea is to get cagers' attention. $20
Auxiliary Taillights various Police motorcycles get a red and a blue light in the back; civilian motorcycles can get the same bracket but with two red lights. They give improved nighttime visilility. $85
Lock and Cable Kryptonite Motorcycle lock with tubular key; steel security cable. Make it a little more difficult for thieves to take the bike. Encourage them to consider stealing a different motorcycle. $50
Brighter Headlight Bulb Narva With Xenon gas in the bulb, the halogen bulb can run more brightly for the same power consumption. I got the legal maximum 60/55W bulbs, but brighter ones are available. $20
Auxiliary Driving and Fog Lights PIAA

The driving loghts will serve three purposes. At night, they will supplement the high beams. During the day, theywill make me visible farther away. As a larger light source for cagers to see, drivers should be better able to judge my distance and approach speed.

The Fog Lights will serve two purposes. In the fog, which is frequent in the San Francisco Bay area, they will illuminate the road better than ordinary headlights. In city traffic, they will illuminate the ground ahead of me, which will help me see pedestrians better without having to use high beams.

Hard Parts Touratech

The BMW R1100GS has two weak points in its design that in a tipover or under heavy load can cause more damage than they ought to. To reinforce the vulnerable parts of the frame, TouraTech makes Hard Parts.

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