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Fire your drunken cameraman!

To: TheWestWing@nbcuni.com

I started watching The West Wing a couple of years ago; I catch reruns regularly on cable TV. The interactions between your multidimensional characters—and the occasional jabs at present-day real-life situations—keep me tuning in again. Tonight I happened to catch a newer episide directly on NBC. I don't know what it was about because it made me seasick!

Contrary to most viewers, I have an attention span slightly longer than that of a year-old dog; I don't need artificial amateur handheld-camera cinematography to grip my eyes to the screen. All this jerking about, zooming in and out doesn't give your show any more grittiness or reality; it makes it look like you're copying BattleStar Galactica or anything on Fox. You don't need that: your stories are (or were—I'm too distracted by all the seismic activity to tell tonight) strong enough to stand on their own.

Put your Arriflex back on a tripod, or at least a Steadicam. I'm probably not going to watch the rest of tonight's episode; I'm going to the drug store for some Dramamine.


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