Timberwoof Essays resume
Timberwoof’s Résumé


Public School

Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards, Scotland

House Ravenclaw; Completed OWLs: Satisfactory
Best Subjects: Spells, Charms, History
Sports: Quidditch (Seeker, Goalie; innovated some flying maneuvers and won the school championship during senior year), Duelling


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA

Member of Senior Aerobatics Team; introduced a new maneuver for the graduation demo.
Graduated 1st Leutenant

Professional Career

Information Technician, Onboard Library Computer Systems, Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco

Heuristic-Algorithmic Programmer, HAL 9000 Logic Memory Systems, Urbana

Veteran of the Battle of the Line

Information Technician, Babylon 5



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