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The Wisdom of the Sphinx
  1. The wise man knows he is weakest
    when he thinks himself strong.
  2. You must be like the wolf-pack,
    not like the six-pack.
  3. You are not ready t o face so great an enemy—
    not until you have vanquished the enemy within yourselves.
  4. To learn my teachings
    I must first teach you how to learn.
  5. Learn to hide your strikes from your opponent
    and you may more easily strike his hide.
  6. The fist, the knee, the elbow, the head:
    You must lash out with every limb
    like the octopus plays the drums.
  7. When you can balance a tackhammer on your head,
    you can head off your foes with a balanced attack.
  8. I believe in my powers;
    I believe in the powers of my teammates.
    I trust in my powers;
    I trust in the powers of my teammates.
  9. He who questions training
    only trains himself at asking questions.
  10. Work well on your costumes,
    for when you care about your outside,
    what is inside will care for you.
  11. To summon you power for the conflict to come,
    you must first have power over that which conflicts with you.
  12. Until you learn to master your rage,
    your rage will be your master.
  13. The loss of manpower can be overcome
    with the addition of firepower.
  14. Sometimes the true hero is the one
    with the courage to run away.
  15. When you doubt your powers,
    you give power to your doubts.
  16. Quickly now, press the attack:
    The flankers are the flanked.
  17. The hands that (?) the many; the many will be one.
    Those who come together will not be blown apart.
  18. We'd better get our asses out of here.


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