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What the Religious Political Radicals
Say about Homosexuals
…and What They Really Do
Religious political radicals say the most outrageous things about gay people. Where to they come up with these ideas? They simply look at themselves.
What Religious Political Radicals Say What Religious Political Radicals Do What Gay People Do

Homosexuals Recruit Public School Children.”

Religious Political Radicals entice children into school buses. There they baptize them against the wishes of their parents. Out of fear of being called pedophiles, most gay people do nothing to help gay youth adjust to this cruel world. A few brave ones set up youth programs and visit schools.
“Homosexuals like to convert straight people into homosexuality.” Religious Political Radicals try to convert people to their religion and gay people to heterosexuality. Out of respect for others, gay people leave others alone.
“Homosexuals want to impose their lifestyle on the rest of us.” By proselyting and converting, Religious Political Radicals seek to impose their lifestyle on everyone. Out of respect for others, gay people leave others alone.
“Homosexuals hate Christians.” Religious Political Radicals are pretty clear about how they feel about gay people. Out of respect for others, gay people leave others alone.
Giving "gay" relationships marital status will destroy marriage.” Religious Political Radicals want to destroy the right of Homosexuals to marry. Gay people want to share in the legal benefits of marriage.
Homosexuals want to destroy the family. They destroy families of Homosexuals. Gay people come from families and often raise families.
Homosexuals want to teach homosexuality in public schools. Religious Political Radicals want to teach Creationism and intolerance in public schools. They want to prevent the teaching of critical thinking and conflict resolution. Gay people want to teach tolerance and cooperation.
Homosexuals want to force our churches to marry them. Religious Polirical Radicals don't want any churches or municipalities to marry gay people. Gay people want to get married in churches that welcome them, not in hostile churches.
Homosexuals are intolerant of anyone who opposes their agenda.” Religious Political Radicals are intolerant of other people’s lifestyles. Out of respect for others, gay people leave others alone.
“Homosexuals promote retraining camps where homophobes would get reprogrammed to fit their idea of properly behaving people." Religious Political Radicals send gay people to “Ex-Gay Ministries” where they try to “reprogram” homosexuals. Out of respect for others, gay people leave others alone.
Homosexuals are obsessed with sex.” Religious Political Radicals are obsessed with how, how often, and with whom gay people have sex. Gay people have more relaxed attitudes about sex and thus don’t obsess about it so much.
Homosexuals want special rights.” Religious Political Radicals want to reserve to themselves their special rights to marry, have sex, and raise children. Gay people want to share in the legal benefits and responsibilities of being members of a civilized society.
Homosexuals want laws "…making it illegal to discriminate against homosexuals." Religious Political Radicals want laws that would make it illegal to discriminate against Christians. Gay people want anti-discrimination laws that apply equally to all people.
Homosexuals were at the core of the Nazi party.” Religious Political Radicals are at the core of a movement to destroy gay people. Homosexuals were victims, not perpetrators, of the holocaust. See Gays are Not Nazis.
“I really believe that the Pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians, ... the ACLU, People For the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this [terrorist attack] happen.’” Jerry Falwell, 700 Club, 2001-SEP-13. Religious Political Radials hijacked the airplanes and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some gay people may be Pagan, but we are not terrorists. See Verbal Attacks on Pagans, Etc.
"The incidence of "hate crimes" is exaggerated and statistics manipulated by homosexuals in order to engineer passage of these unconstitutional laws." Religious Political Radicals encourage crime against gay people. Gay people are afraid to report crimes because they know they will be mistreated by the police and ignored by politicians.


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