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About Me
A sort of personal resume.
Another Resume.
Lost Souls
People I once knew and would like to find again.
How to Write a Harry Potter Novel
Common traits of all Harry Potter novels. (No spoilers.)
An inscription giving facts relating to its publication, placed usually at the end of a book.
My tastes in music are far and wide-ranging. They make "Alternative" look like pop.
Programming Languages
Snit asked, What programming language(s) do you use, and why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of different languages you know (or have knowledge of).
Notes from the Last Demo of the Xerox Star
in June of 1998 I attended the Last Demo of the Xerox Star at the Xerox Palo Alto research Center. These are my notes.
Timberwoof can't possibly be gay.
The Committee have been threatening to take my Gay Card away for quite a while now. Here's why
Life as an Elf
More information about my secret life.
A Furry/Yiffy homage to Howl


Things to See, Places to Do
A list of things to see and places to go.
San Francisco
Links to pages with information about the city where I live.


Political Party Gap
Why I am in favor of destroying the American two-party stystem.
George II is Making my Brain Hurt
George Bush's foreign policy toward Iraq and North Korea make no sense. Does he think we’re as stupid as he appears to be?
Gay Games Medals
Somebody wanted to eliminate Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from the gay Games. I thought it was a stupid idea.
Religious Radicals
What the Religious Political Radicals Say about Homosexuals …and What They Really Do
The Wisdom of The Sphinx
Sayings by the force behind the Mystery Men.
Sex in Star Trek
A quantitative comparison of indications of heterosexuality and homosexuality.
Straight Sex is Good, but Gay Sex is Seven
An explanation why the Religious Radicals are so afraid of gay people.
Willie Wonka—Genius or Criminal?
Factory Inspection Report
Got Spam?
Don't blame me; blme Microsoft.
International Charter of Flag Etiquette
According to Michelle Konieczny, The International Charter of Flag Etiquette states that a flag may be flown upside down in cases of extreme distress. But the Charter is a fabrication.
Fire Your Drunken Cameraman!
The West Wing is a worthwhile TV show. But this season they've adopted the latest cinematography craze: take the cameraman's Steadicam away and feed him regular coffee.

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Fallacies of Logic



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