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About Timberwoof

Timberwoof, and Urban Elf Species: Half-Elf*
Age: 41 Earth years
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs (healthy)
Body: mostly smooth
Chest: 37" ("Medium")
Waist: 29" ("Small")
Trunk: 67"
Inseam: 32"
Shoe: 11
Motorcycle Suit: 38 (US); 52 (European)
Sex: Gay Male
Ideal Lord of the Rings mate: Legolas
Ideal Dragon Color: Blue
your ideal mate is Legolas!

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Meyers-Briggs: INTJ "Mastermind"
Profession: Software Engineer
City: San Francisco
Philosophy: Neo-Pagan/Buddhist/Taoist. Recovering Kolinar.
Hobbies: Motorcycle, Science Fiction, Music.
Sport: Ice Hockey
Likes: Quiet evenings at home, music, movies, plays, restaurants, museums, book shops, observatories, planetariums, mountains, maps, heraldry, history, philosophy, science, architecture, psychology, subtle humor...
Dislikes: Bars, flakes, fuzzy thinking, smoke, Political Korrektness.


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