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found: Searching for proof of elven existence

Is the story about elves living among humans in present day truth of fiction? It all depends on what you think an elf is.

found: found it on a search engine

Hi I think its great what your doin and ummm I too am part elf well 1/2 but ne ways good job p.s. help me with getting through life The help you need in getting through life is within yourself. Seek it out … it's there.
Keith (That is Celtic for dweller in the woods)

found: Through a newsgroup regarding jockstraps.

Greetings to you Lord-
I am surprised and grateful to find evidence of you. I too have long known that I was not like the teeming masses. As a teenager I read LOTR and other books and felt as if I was a changeling. An elf-child raised by humans who would never understand him and indeed were threatned by his light. I dressed as my true self much when younger, and called myself elf to all my friends. Played D&D of course and was usually elfin. Today I am 36, gay male, in relationship for i6 years and father of twin girls who shall be raised in the light. Hail to you. Elen sila lumen omentielmo.
Thank you for your kind words. May you shine the light on all you meet.
Jason Duerksen(Trishton X Falcvik

found: looking for more of the elven kind

I here what your saying I have grown up and lived in a Humans world and tryed to live like an elf but they do not make it a task that is overcom as it is with any other outcast thing. I live and awakin all others of differen blood. and lead a band of misfits. To the truth and still some think me crazd. living the the humans is not a task for the weak so I fight for all that is not to live in a world of reson!
The Lone Elf
Trishton X Falcvik

found: a friend showed me

Hmmmmm where to start..... well being a fellow elf i shall start but saying greetings. If everything you wrote here is true i would greatly love an email in response, we would have much to talk about. unlike you a was born in the golden forests and have been razed for nearly all my 99 years in the elven home outside that of human world. My name is Silverwolf, i am an elven ranger and im often sent out into the human society to look for others such as yourself. no harm taken i hope but especially others who tell the human world about us. mankind is weak and i almost found it amusing that you said the people with the piecings and leather are elves again i mean no harm but true elves settle for nothing but golden silver white and forest green silk for clothing and decorate themselves in the jewels of the golden forest and seek only solitude from humans and wish for them not to know we exist, and of corse we always since we were made from the forest and earth have looked for peace joy enlightment merrymaking and love as natures children. write back if you wish questions or to learn more about the kinship outside of human influence. flareth wes

found: I was searching for elf costumes.

I WISH I WAS AN ELF! TURN ME INTO AN ELF! I can't make you an elf. It doesn't work that way.

found: fortuitous serendipitous circumstance

Enchanted greetings, elf lord Amandil. May the light of Elbereth be your guardian and your guide in this fading land of dwindling trees. I've see our exiled kindred by the flowing river waters in the twilight. They walk in the living dream of what was, what is, and what yet may be.
The way to the blessed realm is lost to us, but we are not lost to they who dwell therein.
Earendil will yet return for the sundered kindred.
Listen carefully. The winds whisper the time of
his return. The trees share their wisdom to the
quiet mind.
A fellow exile, I am Earanin of the Avari.
I have many; Yet the one I will use is Laent.

found: Searching the net for other elves and half-elves.

I know how you feel, if your writings are true. I was lost, as well, until I found comfor in the wrks of Tolkien. Those I know swear I am half-elven. I am more serious than most, and am more at home outdoors than anywhere else. Please e-mail me.
R. S. Dickerson

found: yahoo

real photo of an elf ear in online book
also a photo of Atlantis
What does the legend of Atlantis have to do with the reality of Elves?

found: I am a seeker, I found the "ring of elves". I am still seeking.

not everything about the race of men is so awful!
I, myself, am an elf. Being a teenage elf in a human world is hard. Yet, i have earned my place of respect as a wise one. I do not know how to cast spells, so my ears are sovered with my hair. They are only slightly pointy, yet the more i awaken, the more pointy they "seem to get". People have taken notice to this. But, yet i am wise, i need guidance. My parents of course dismiss my claim. I need guidance, in everything. The only magic i know is this: I have a mirror in my room, i bought it at the drugstore. two nights ago,it was 12:00 a.m., that my blue eyes were strangely glowing in the darkness. I was scared out of my wits. Yet i have known this before. I stare into the mirror, and i see things that have been. In my mind. It is so hard to explain. So, please, someone whoever you are elf, i need guidance. In magic and all that sort of thing.
found: via I dont know if I should believe this or not, I want to believe it.
I have some questions I want to ask you. And I would be really happy if you would answer them.
You say that you discovered that you were an elf in your childhood. If you are an elf you must have elvish parents or can Humans have an elvish child? why dont you live with the other elves" What are the differences between men and elves?
Changelings are elves who as babies were substituted for human babies, and grew up with humans.
kelly macdonald

found: from other site

i will challenge you for your title i think a sword fight would be appropriate if you are not elf enough to accept then i claim your crown. 706 270 1605 yo have till the sun sets for the last time this year. Yeah, right.
Taryn Kimmons

found: Search Engine

I think I might be an elf. I'm not kidding. I know.

found: Aelvenhome website

Hi. I just came across your site. I am still a little confused with the elven thing (not an identity crisis-thankfully). Iíve known that I am of elven blood but I lack some of the problems that others have living in this world so I am pretty sure that I am not fully elven. Some elves have problems with certain metals, I love to work with any and all, including iron although working around flames isnít my strong point. Some also have problems with foods, the only one that I have had issues with is alcohol-Nyquil is lethal for me. I havenít d too many problems living in this world other than I donít fit in anywhere, but it is interesting to explain to my pagan friends why my magic is so odd. One canít understand how I can use any at all (okay, being a pyrophobe is getting very annoying).
My major problem is that I seem to have a second set of memories, but there are big holes missing, some of which happen to be why I am a pyrophobe. Many of the memories involve weredragons (not directly related to the pyrophobe bit). I donít know if you know anything about them or other nonhumans who arenít of elven blood but if you have heard of anything it would be helpful. I know several others who are not human and they are probably all that keep me sane when all the places of magic are being destroyed near where I live; I just hope my grove is still standing when I get home.
Thank you,

found: have problems, should consider seeing a psychiatrist...for your own good...k thx. You obviously can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

found: through another website

I'm writing out of curiosity of whether you really believe you're an Elvin person, or if what you've written is just a fantasy or day dream. Please don't get me wrong. I have no intention of mocking you or poking fun. I'm just interested in what you have to say. I wouldn't mind hearing back from you with a response if you have the time. Thank you. I thought my web site makes my beliefs clear.


found: search engine

Hello, my name is Brendan. I will not reveal my elvish name because as of yet, I am unsure as to the truthful nature of your claims and are fearful of retribution. For years I have toiled on this earth, always in the presence of mortals. As I never aged, I only watched my loved ones wither away and die. After 150 years, I began to suspect that I was not of the same lineage as the rest of these humans. At first I was elated at my immortal status, but as time passed, it became a burden. If only I could find someone of my same race and lineage to share my troubles with. If you truly are an elven Lord, I humble myself at your feet. Please, if you are only jesting, let me know, these last thousand years have been far too hard on me. Let me know.
Always in your service m'lord,


found: My father told me that Elves are starting to reemerge themselves more and more and to learn more about them. He told me that I will learn something I have always known about myself. That's how I came to look for information about Elves.

Hello. Before I explain my need to contact you, let me introduce myself. My birthname is Lasmy, in Thai it means MoonChild. My father told me, that I was given that name because he was told,even before my mother came to bare me, and had many dreams, that one day when times were darkest, I would shine a light upon the world. I'm not sure if I am truly Elven. Although, the more I learn, the more my identity points to it. My father is a 6th generation witch. Growing up, I had always thought that that was why I was different, but yet, I still did not feel right calling myself a witch. My father easily accepted that.
Now, this is why I felt the urgent need to contact you. All my life I have seen, felt, and heard things that I can not explain, and some that I can. Lately I have had this unnerving feeling that something is coming. Something I cannot explain except to say that it is evil and dark. I have also heard whispers from the trees and winds, they are telling me there is a new coming and I must prepair. Although, I do not know for what. I would like to discuss this further with you. Please e-mail me back.

found: I found you from the Elvish webring from the Aelvehome website.

I happened upon the Aelvenhome website and yours was the next site on the ring. I've always known I was different, but only recently discovered that I am an Elf. I read the Silmarillion and it felt so familiar to me, it resonated so deeply within me, that I finally knew who and what I really am. I'm very glad to be finding other Elves, since for the longest time I was afraid that I was the only one, that there weren't others like me. I'm still discovering my true self, regaining memories and going through a sort of change, I guess you could say. I live in Oregon right now, which I love, but very soon this life will take me to New York. I am going for a very good reason, to help support my brother and best friend. They both have Elvish elements to their personality, but I am not sure whether they are actually Elves or whether they are friends, or possibly half-Elven. At any rate, I am very glad I found others before I have to go to the city - maybe now I can keep in touch with some Elves while I am away from my forests.

found: via

I dont know if I should believe this or not, I want to believe it.
I have some questions I want to ask you. And I would be really happy if you would answer them.
You say that you discovered that you were an elf in your childhood. If you are an elf you must have elvish parents or can Humans have an elvish child? why dont you live with the other elves" What are the differences between men and elves?
Does every elf has pointy ears? I saw on your picture that you had. Did you have pointy ears when you were a little kid? How many elves is there in the world would you guess? Please answer these questions
nuingiliath Those ears you have on the pic are they real? Do you or any other elves pocess any kind of magic. You said that some elves cast spelles on they ears to make them less pointy. Which part of my web site was not clear?
George "Lord of Virginity" Samprus

found: Other Elves

We are with you. Do not despair. Our time is coming.
Chaz, the Unknown

found: Web search

Hello, i fully understand everything i read on your site. I, too, notice something is different about me. I just can't put my finger on it, i think things are appearing to become oh so clear now. I am also an avid Tolkien fan. I am entranced by his stories of elves and middle earth, but never did i consider my own life a resemblence of these "fairy tales" Only now, after witnessing your site and confirming that i am not the only one, my life is more clear. I have hidden my secret these 19 years of my life. I am currently a freshmen at purdue. What advice do you have for me and my new journeys i shall embark on in these next few months...?

found: a friend of mine

I think I am an elf too. I have magical powers, such as seeing that you are full of shit. I challenge you to your title of elf-lord. I am the supreme ruler of all elves. Bow down before me you insolent little fool before I destroy you with my magic elf powers. I hereby strip you of your right to call yourself an elf. You are now nothing but a common fairy. (In all senses of the word.) I depart you now filled with disgust. If I should ever run into you at one of our weekly elf lodge meetings I will smite you and take your phony elf ears.
P.S. Mr. Spock is a half-Vulcan half-Human dumbass.
Mister Spock is not a dumbass, dumbass. How dare you insult such a great member of our race?

found: searched

okay.... on e question, why? Why do you count youreself as an elf? You have different shaped ears, so what? You seem to have missed the point. (And it's not on my ears.)
Katelyn Florian

found: google

Hi. First, I dont know if I should belive you or not. Second, if you are real, how are you different from people? Are you smaller than them, or is it just your ears? How big are your ears? And lastly, could you please tell me how to become an elf (if elves are really real)? Or could you make me an elf? But onley if your growth doesnt get stunted. I pride myself on being tall. Only someone who is an elf can be an elf. Some elves are tall.

found: through some other elf internet site thingy

Hello, i do like your internet page! I'm an elf too, and have only just come to terms with it. I'm trying to find more elves in which to chat with, so please dont disgard my email! I'm not very clear as to how the internet works, so if I've stuffed up at all in sending this email, then just ignore the stuff up!

found: i got in to and like that i found

i just want to find someone that could really tell me that is actually possible for extraordinary beings to still live in this damaged world.....why are you so certain that you are an elf?perhaps it might be all created by your illusions...or you are just one of those people that just like to see others making a fool of themselves by believing in such thing....for i've know such people....write me and write with the truth You seem to have missed the point … which seems to be the point of all this.

found: searching

aren't you just a fanatic of the lord of the rings and therefore you have made yourself believe that you are one of them? can you explain me how a person can truly believe in what you've said? in this world there are many people like you that in their own pain create a new sort of story for them to believe....what makes you so sure of this? have you been in the astral plane or the causal plane besides of the physical plane? do you know what are these planes? i certainly respect you very much sir...i just want a prove, a picture, a what place of the world you live in ? please take me as a serious person or perhaps human..for the only thing i want is to truly believe it is possible for you to be one. Can you explain how a person like you can fail to understand the true meaning of my writings, which are all there and plain as the nose on your face?


Thank you for shareing some of your thoughts and experiences with us. As one of the kin, I understand the difficulties of living in the world of man. I long for the time when we can find our way home.
Blessings. H.

found: I was seeing if elves were real.

I want to konw if elves are real, and if they are I want ot be friends with them. I belive that they are real, but if this person is just doing this for fun they should belive they are real.
Anarchy Penguin Hello, You are a dick. And you are a twit.

found: search of elves

Hi, I am very young but I belive in you and others. I think I am half elf for I can sometimes see the things that have not yet to pass. My friend is the same way. My so called friends I can not trust. They would think me to be crazy. I was wondering what to do for I feel alone in the world.

found: serching on elves

Hi. I emailed you a while ago. But I gave you the rong email. It is now xxx. I realy am sory!! If you don't remember I told you I think I am half elf. And I don't know what to do about my friends because if I told them they whould think me crazzy. What should I do?
Keith (That is Celtic for dweller in the woods)

found: Through a newsgroup regarding jockstraps.

Greetings to you Lord-
I am surprised and grateful to find evidence of you. I too have long known that I was not like the teeming masses. As a teenager I read LOTR and other books and felt as if I was a changeling. An elf-child raised by humans who would never understand him and indeed were threatned by his light. I dressed as my true self much when younger, and called myself elf to all my friends. Played D&D of course and was usually elfin. Today I am 36, gay male, in relationship for i6 years and father of twin girls who shall be raised in the light. Hail to you. Elen sila lumen omentielmo.
Hah Every time I think people have hit rock bottom, I turn up another site like yours. Couldn't you find a real rationale for having self-esteem? You should pay attention to what I actually wrote and not what you fantasize I wrote.
Christaulf The Green

found: Just stumbled upon it my friend, stumbled upon it.

'Qul Undome Amandil! Greetings I bring prosperity on my behalf and my fellow Elven people. I just wanted to let ya know I really like thy page, and that it is great to see there are other Fae still alive and well. I shall play a song on mine/our guitar in your name Amandil farewell my friend and may the leaves of your tree never turn brown.


found: Looking for elf cosumes out of bordom. To see if anyone can rivle my dress

dude i want to learn more about you. ( These stupid typoe demons I swear.) Hey I think that we all can identfy a bit. but I must say I have been attracted to legends of elves dwarves and all the rest for years.... since birth. in my long list of things i wanted to be when i grew up i included a fairy! I love trees and woods, I would rather be there than here in this place. I love my mothers house cause it is wonderfull from time to time closing your eyes listening to the birds and the crickets. but enough you are an intersting person. I do have a web site and i am a member of among others. Nimarie.


found: bye msn search

hello elves i am an elf as well i wasnt sure at first i did see pointy ears on me but still i wasnt sure then i was very interested in magick and could do it well i talked to a close elven friend of mine and found out she is my elven sister and found out i was an elf all this time my parents are human but i am an elf i do have vampiric tendencies from a past life and have a dark side but hey dont every one ?
any way i like this site and i think i will come back in the future its nice to see more elves on this earth cuz sometimes i felt alone i think i might be a high elf but im still not sure cuz im more attuned to nature and the environment but at the same time i love eligance and fine things i hope i can meet another elf like me cuz and no offence to the humans here but i dont really trust humans much but i still respect them if any elf would like to talk to me then you can send me an e-mail the elf Kartia


found: I was trying to find info on elven culture/religion.

Good day Lord,
I belive that i am a half-elf or even a *prue-blood. Though only my closest friend knows my thoughts. I have been trying to fine the most info. about how elves live and their thoughts about how life should be lived. I fear that if anyone should find out about my thoughts that i world be looked down on. I am e-mailing you to ask you for your help, if you could e-mail me back with your thoughts that would help me...Thank you..
Your Friend,


found: Search Engine

I am very, very lost and confused. I am in hopes you may be the one to help me. There are many of my friends who claim I may very well be a "latent Elf." They base this upon the fact that magick comes very easily with me, I am not forced to do magick but started doing it by my own free will, and I have "natural abilities". They also mentioned something about an "awakening"... hm what!? I really don't have much knowledge of the Elven ways so, any information on that would be grand. Thank you so much.

David Elwood

found: cruising web pages for elves

Thankyou for revealing that you are an elf I have no questions to this nor wish to challenge your claims. But interesting enought that surnames have some revealing factors such as mine. The surname Elwood has it roots from elfin wauld means elfin = elf, wauld = ruler, hence ruler of the elves. Welcome brother to the world of enchantments. Blessed be you and your love ones. Sorry to hear that you have received such hate mail, through revealing that if you're Gay through the elf metaphorically. It is a beautiful metaphor you have created and inspired by your knowlege of the elves. It saddens and pains me greatly that your uniqueness is hostilely regeted by those who cannot understand. I too am Gay and it never dawned on me how the elves lifes are so parallel to the life of a Gay person. Thankyou. again, for the beauty of your web site which you have graciously shared in the wonders of your life and all that you've offered.
With great admiration
Dave Elwood (the elfin, king or queen)


found: Someone showed me a link to the gayest site EVER.

message: Omfg. You are so very, very fucking HOMOFAGQUEER. Pls die, you fucking shitstick. Thx.

P.S You're a fucking disgrace. Tolkien would be rolling in his grave to see such a queer little fucknut as yourself parading around as an "elf". I hope you choke on a big dirty cock.


You're one of those mindless toe-rags who complained that Sir Ian McKellen, a gay man, played Gandalf in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, and I bet you think Tolkien invented Elves.

lee anne

found: I was looking for info about what elves do among the elvish

i can't believe some people are so mean! i wish that i could be an elf. beautiful,wise and with great eyesight. i am so bumed that you have to hide the fact that your elvish! i think elves are sooo hot. i mean you practicly need oven mits(tee hee)  

Laura/ Elven name: Ireth Seregon

found: Webring..

Hi, just to say nice to find that there is someone else who believes that Elves exist:) I always have been different - and now have ended up in Art College (doing film, photography, multimedia and some fine art) for the past 4 years.. its my world... I am also a fan of The Lord Of the Rings which i guess makes me really pathetic :) But i think that people who cant live without being pessimsitic and rude are the real sad ones!!! :)  


found: on a Tolkien website.

It's refreshing to learn of so many people (elves) embracing their own visions of how the world could be. Tolkien wrote that Elves were like Adam and Eve before the fall. So Elves according to Tolkien are perfect, immortal, wise, goodlooking etc. If you've read any Jungian sychology, in a nutshell, embracing one's own weirdness is the only sane thing to do. If one wants to be happy that is.

ps : I have some elf ears too.
PSS : I mean, dude, who wouldn't want to be as good looking as a Tolkien/Jackson Elf?

Also, anybody who says " Legolas is gay " is just jealous because every chick I know begins drueling at the mention of his name.



found: google

How do you know that u are elven. I mean I think that maby I am elven but I am not shur.please tell me how do u know that you are elven. I am only fourteen and I would like to know. I made a special web page where I talk about that.


found: Doesn't matter...

You don't seem to be to generous on answers, so I won't bore you with my life story, it is quite similar yours, though I am much younger.
My main reason is that when you (and many other elves)say "our time will come", I wonder how can it come if we are so passive? We have to do something, to gather, to cooperate; for nothing will happen if we don't make it happen and I have a weak feeling that the time has come for us.
/May the elven pathes become one long road!
Our apathy and ability to get something done is apparently worse than that of the Liberals. For an idea of the sorts of problems that really matter, read Al Franken's book. Buy it now at!Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them"
found: Went to google and hit in "How to become a real Elf."
I was led to you by an online search engine while searching for something and first of all I want to ask you a few questions; are you a real REAL Elf? How tall are you 'cus everyone says most Elf's are really short and do you know of anyway a normal human could become an Elf? I'd also like to say that I admire you for be as brave as you are to subject yourself to all of the questions and maybe even critisim. Even though I don't really know you, just because your an Elf, your kinda one of my Idols now! Lots of love Paige.
For all those who believe hit this site up,

After I read most of your information that you have on your site I just knew that I was like that. I my not have fair skin, on the contrary I have freckels, I may nothave bolnd hair, on the other hand it's brown. I don't let this stop me from believing that I am an Elf. I knew since I was young that I was different from the other kids that I grew up with and I stongly believe that some other people knew that I was different too so they shunned me while others excepted me. I know what I am but It's hard to make others believe that you are what you are when your afraid that they won't understand. I have a few friends that I can talk to about anything and everything and I know that She'll understand, But others? I don't know. I'm going to leave now and impart a very intresting comment for all of those who are racist towards people like us, "You are not born a racist. Racism is learned, that being said it can also be unlearned."

The Oracle has Spoken. My Real Elf Name is Amras Pallanén. I guess I'll have to change this web site.

Neaaah. Too much work.

Paige (Napolde)
found: search engine
At first I had a feeling that I was different and I think people knew. Some shuned me because of my differences but some accepted me. Now after reading what you wrote Amandil, I know for sure that I'm an Elf. Some times it's hard to consider especially when you feel like you have to tell some one but after I found out now I feel totally comfortable with what I am. Thanks Amandil. Your like my idol!  
found: searchengine
Hey Hah, Anarchy Penguin, sophie, Adam (dumbass), chris, kelly macdonald, and all you other shitheads!
What right do you think you have coming to this site and then bad mouthing Amandil? You guys are just some weird-ass people that are racist believe it or not! what you are doing is discriminating against all of us Elves! You think that just because we're not like you you have the right to treat us like shit. Well guess again, You'll get your just rewards-
"lya nwalka queen"
Paige, let them go. They are who they are, but they can only hurt you if you carry their weight around with you all the time.
Elros Palantir
found: msn search
I always felt different from everyone else around me when I was very young. I was kind of the outcast. I had always known about Elves but didn't take intrest in finding out more about them till these past reicent years. The more I found out about them the more I was able to compare myself to Elves. I know am believing that I am of the Elven race. What convinces me the most is my strong attachment to tales of lands long lost in time. I feel as though I've been there before and long to be back there. You have a great page and journal. Maybe one day we shall meet Lord Amandil and tell tales of olde.  
found: Fluke I guess.
Thank you for the eye-opener. I think your profile has had a good effect on some (and nothing on those who get angry);
To teach people to read everything, and think before they type. Especially in acceptance.
Diadea Myalei
found: searched MSN for "real elves"
I am starting an elfin website. I wish to be able to bring all of us kin together in a glorious reunion. may i use your story and have some refrence so that other kin may be able to get in touch with you. please, any elf that reads this message, respond to it. It is my dream that one day we may all be reunited. just one of us can make such a difference in the world. just imagine if we all banded together. please i ask of your help. I know in my heart that you will not fail me. Namarie By all means, please feel free to link to my web site from yours. Please tell me more about this web site: what sorts of features will it have—bulletin board? art? poetry? Please follow up with an URL when it's ready.
Cheryl Perry
found: Research, research, research! :-)
Dear Amandil!
Hello! I am a television producer in Los Angeles working on season II of the Sci-Fi Channel's reality show, "Mad Mad House." (Season I debuts on March 4th!)
We are interesting in having someone from the Elven community participate. If you, or someone you know might be interested, please contact me! Please visit our website to find out more about the show @:
The show is very positive and respectful!
Look forward to hearing from you!
Cheryl Perry
If you're an elf and you want to try out for this Alternative Reality TV show, please contact me and I'll forward you the details.
found: i have elf ers so i though if theres anyone else like me
message: in a way i do feel different from everyone else but in a more powerful way. yeah as a kid i was grown up to be like evryone around me, later i noticed that i was one step ahead of evryone.

Armando! Read Havamal, stanzas 142–144. Any Elf should learn his Runes … even Roman ones to write English with.

found: i found this web site by looking on ho to be an elf on hotmail
hi am thorn dail i was wondering are u really anelf i wanted to be an elf all my life then when lord of the rings came out i though as my self as an wooldland elf please answer back will u teach me how to become an elf As I have answered others, I cannot teach you how to be an elf or validate your elfness. You are or you are not.
Lady Lorien Ravenal Eveningstar
found: i went looking for my friends, people who are like me
Hello! You are an elf? I am too. I have been wondering for a long time why I am the way I am. I was left wondering why Lord of the Rings made me cry and why the wind loves me. I was wondering why I have almost transparent skin and unusual blue eyes and why my hair changes its color sometimes. You wrote that you couldn't "come out". I told my friends about it and I told my boyfriend and they all thought it was great to know an elf. Well, I started by trying to be a witch and then I found the rest. May a star shine upon the next hour of our meeting, Lady Lorien Thank you for your excellent letter, Lady Lorien.
found: Google
Thank the Valar! One more of my elvish race! It greatly joys me to find another. But i am only a half-elf. i have no point to my ears or terribly good eye-sight.But I seem to be able to hear and notice things others do not, and i joy in the company of trees. I am still not sure that i do contain elven blood, but i do hope it is so. I keep wanting to climb trees, and i have blond hair and blue eyes. I can speek some elvish and i can speek to budgies and seagulls. Namarie, mellon nin.
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I think it is very cool that there are real elves out there, i'm actually not of the elvish race, but i have strong interest in it. I was wondering as there are real life vampires (no they do not go round sucking people's blood and they aren;t really evil; they are people who will attempt to do as much as they possibly can in their lives, and learn to be wise) are these real life vampires possibly almost a different branch of the elvish race?
Hmmm. I don't think I've ever met a vampire, but everything I've ever heard about them says that they do drink blood.
found: serch engine. while i was finding for Elves living in this very world.
Greetings from Lochan
according to your experience it does matches with mine.I was born in the country called Nepal,
known as country of peace, full of Greenery and Himalayas(MT.Everest)is its Crown uncountable rivers, springs and streams.I am Different with my friends around me .The way i think is totally different form their thinking and so am i. i am in Hong Kong now , i think my fate is so , i have to travel a lot.The most extraordinary thing is that i feel like nature is trying to talk with me .Trees attracts me. where ever i am ,something whispers to me , trying to tell me something but i think i am still not ready to understand them. But my ears are not pointed though its biger and unusual.
Thanks for your kind letter, Lochan. I'm always glad to hear from elves in other parts of the world.
found: surfing the web on a rainy day
First of all, I do not claim to be from any tolkeinish work, or have visible pointy ears, or anything like that. However, I am very much an elf. It's been me my whole life. I read so many messages written to you by people who either think you are crazy, or are confused themselves. My suggestion to these people-one person does not neccesarily have all the answers...and search around, at least go to before you generalize!-eesh.
peace, Des'tai
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I always thought at first that I was the only one with this thought but then I remembered this site so I decided to give a shout out to all of you who might be intrested...I've been thinking of getting some people together (at least 6 guys and 5 more girls) and start an elf commune...if your intrested ask Amandil for my email and gie me a shout. Thanks for reading.
Sounds like a good idea. Start with a Google search on "Intentional Communities."
Johann Ivan
found: Googled "Elf". Well, that, and perhaps another keyword :-)
Hail & Well Met! (one cliche' a day is acceptable):
Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary, Good Sir! Uproariously funny! You made every effort, save putting up a flashing neon sign, to instruct readers on what your writing was about.
For those whom you have stirred to anger:
Wit, like fine wine, must cross a palate capable of appreciating it; I suspect many of those angered find both to be poor nourishment for the wastlands of their intellect.
Bravo to you & thank you for the enjoyable reading,
"I'm tall for an Elf.. but my friend isn't" <G>
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My name is Maranwe or at least that's what my friends call me. I think I am an Elf, how do I tell. I don't understand why I feel like I should be Elven. I mean I've always took interest in Elves and fantasy stories as did I write one. But my friend, Alatariel,is fair of skin and very smart. She is blonde of hair and green of eyes. She hunts with a bow and arrow. We are both in tune with nature and we love our names, (Maranwe, Alatariel). Many people feel a close kinship with elves. Feel it, live it, enjoy it!
found: I think i'm an elf, how do I tell?
I have connections with nature. I can sense a storm coming. I don't understand, how do I tell if I am an ELF! I may be only a half-elf but I need to know how to tell. PLease, I beg of you!

A kid once walked up to Ray Bradbury at a science fiction convention. He held up a neat notebook for Ray Bradbury to read. "Mt. Bradbury, am I a writer?" the boy asked. "No," Bradbury answered. "You're not a writer. Run along now."

Another kid ran up to Ray at the same convention, clutching a looseleaf notebook, trailing manuscript pages left and right, shouting, "Ray Bradbury! I'm a writer! I'm a writer!" And Bradbury broke off the conversation he was having, hugged the kid, and said, "Yes! You're a writer, you're a writer!"

Alnolian You are no real Elf you disgrace our race go back to your filthy human ways it has taken a long time to find you we have herd word of Amandil and you only bring shame to yourself we will be watching you always. Your ways of living as an elf is beyond primitive, lived by a fantasy world of reserch. You shall here from my father who i bring word from.
Lerranlias Lorilo
And you'll be hearing from your tutors, upon whom you bring shame with your bad grammar.
Carandra Jumpswell
found: GOOGLE!!! (Man, you gotta love that website.)
I do have my beliefs of elvishness, though I try to hide it from the world to keep from more fears. I do have antel- and kakorrhaphiophobia, so I tend to keep quiet of this to keep from being shunned even more so than ever before. I do think I have a bit of insanity, but I also do have my beliefs. I think elves ARE exsistant in this cold, harsh, manworld, but I've managed to make it through to this point. May She bless your site, it is very entrancing and touching. Namarie,
Carandra Jumpswell

Arathalion en Gamrel
found: Looking very hard for other Elves to spread the word to

shokotushinobi at

Elf-kind from around the world, my name is Arathalion en Gamrel of the Drakulf, also known as the half-breeds of the Sylvan race. I come to you with news that concerns all Elves. Very soon, as all of you know, humanity will reach it's apex - it's cities will spread over the earth in a way never seen before, destroying all that we hold sacred. In doing so, the balance between creation and destruction will be upset and the forces of destruction will be released upon the earth. In reformed Ibrahm we call him the demon Carathas, but it does not matter what name you give him... he is coming. You may think this a joke, but I assure you not. I welcome all e-mails and inquiries you might have. I wish to raise a standing army of Elves to combat this threat when it comes. I currently am in command of a force of approximatly 100 Elves of varying races and relgions with a strong following of loyal humans. You all know of the outcast feeling that comes with being around the human breed your entire life, and I offer you a gathering of our race like no other has seen before. I am the leader of the armies of the Midguard Alliance, son of the warrior-cleric Thaylen en Gamrel. My task is to create an army to defend our people and the royal Noldiri Elves at whatever cost. I appreciate your time. I hope to hear from every last one of you within the near future.  
found: it just was there.
Comming from a place in the deep forests of the midle Norway i find things like this interesting but it doesnt mean i belive all i see, i do also have symptoms of what could bee an elf but it would bee to stupid of mee too belive so. I would bee a loco to belive so.
If you want people too belive, you must give more proof , fore a comman human doesnt trust only words on the internett. Proof is the key too belive. It would bee stubid of mee to belive in only words woudnt it?
Absolutely. Don't believe just anything you read. But then, read more deeply.
Kali Lindar
found: Searched for a key word of some kind...
Well, I'm not sure what to think. One minute you're moaning on about the difficulties of Elf life, the next you're rambling about the gay civil rights movement. What /are/ you on about here?
Well-wished, Kali (The Confused)
What part of Elf Life Deconstructed did you not understand?
Carolin Southern, aka Catriona De Leskaat, III de Katakaania
found: Uhm, I can't really remember.... I think I was looking for Katakaans at first, but anyway, I ramble on. I have a habbit of doing that. It all started when... *zzzzz*
I am not an elf, though think of elves as a fine and remarkable species. My good friend Alfaror (elf) has told me much about them.
I am a Katakaan (Cat person as in the Darkwings mythology), but still find your site most facinating... It is hard being stuck in a world utterly wrong, as I had been so many years, but luckily for me, my good friend Ellouise Aldriach, may she rest in eternal peace, took me to Dion, and my destiny.
(out of character now)
Great site, enjoyed reading it. Sad that some people take it all completely the wrong way, as if you seriously believed you were a literal elf, as in immortal species of mythology. As I am not literally a fanged, clawed, cat eared, immortal furry, High Emperess of Katakaania. Though I do know those who do literally beleive they are elves.. (coughLissycoughcough)
Carolin aka HRH Catriona III

umm i just descovered a little while ago i was an elf,the way i found out was i noticed my pointed ears in the mirror,i was wondering,how does one lead the life of an elf? as you can see i am very comfused now..........i am only 12,and i would like to know the ways of an elf,i already know elvish...
but i would like to know more....each day i learn more but i haven't learned the ways of an elf,tho now i finally don't feel alone,i mean how can my parents understand if they aren't in the same race,but don't get me wrong...i am VERY close with my parents,but i think that being around other elves is great! by the way...i have spoted a few elves out in town,so i know that they are very real,i don't understand tho,my mum is a human.why am i a elf and her not?plzz help me

i feel better now knowing i am not alone as an elf,but i don't know how to make my parents beleave me,because i do not have very pointed ears

Most of what is known about elves is written in books about folklore. Brian Froud has published some nice ones, and there are plenty of stories about modern-day Urban Elves in the science fiction/fantasy sections of book stores. Then, of course, there's Tolkien.

As for how you can be an elf when youre parents are not, you should study changelings. (Odo is not a changeling. He's a metamorph.)

Your parents don't have to know. And it tends to bother them to think you're a changeling. They wonder where their "real" kid is.

kelly jillynn johnson
found: by typing I beliieve in elvish
I chose to believe there is something better out there. I have always been difrent. I am very thin and pale skined I am at home with nature. I do not care for material possesions. I do not care for drama or war. I am a lone alot becouse I do not trust easally; I wonder about the things called myth, They came from somewhere! And I seek knowlege about these things. I also belive that just becouse you cant see it dosent mean it isnt there. I fill very alone.  
found: surfing
there are those who belive in what they belive I am not sure what I belive but you should not say anything about the hate mail, that you recive. not becouse of weather your gay or not that is your choice. simply becouse everyone has a choice and you in your own way you make fun of others when you would not like it yourself@  
Johnathan Lennon
found: search engine
I'm not sure how to tell, but I truly believe myself an elf. Maybe not the fairest of all but definetly the brightest. I have known since I was able of cognitive thought there is no one else like me. No one else anywhere close to the level I'm on. Until I found this page I thought I would be an outcast the rest of my life. So I guess I've found somewhere I belong.  
found: google
ok clicked submit by mistake....assemblage point...or becoming the story we are told. once this is realized then we must become authentic. bob  
found: i found this site through the help of yahoo
I greatly thank you for all you have done. I too are of your kin, and the fact that you are trying to teach the humans about us is a thing i admire you for. it is hard being raised in a human world, sometimes i even doubt that i am elven. but then all i have to do is look at websites like yours and my realization that i am not nor never will be human sets in again. i dont want to be human i just wish we didnt have to hide. i think the only thing that has kept me alive these years are websiets like this one, my otherkin friends, and my beloved husband. macar is also of our kin. please keep up the good work and contact me if you would like to talk, you truly are a leader! bless you  
found: searched for some elf mates
Hello, I am Amae, I have hidden my identity as an elf for ages now I shall spread it, but to only the great lords site. I am happy you are telling humans our knowlege.
Thank you.
Leon Seal.G.
found: By typing Elf Tales and I your web.
I am a 18 year old scollar in Nairobi University in Kenya and I want to start to write my own novelty on an Elf's life but I lack the decent material to get me started so I would ablidge you to assit me on the vast knowledge you have of Elves.
I would like to know there purpose in the mysticle ways of their being. Their powerfull gifts, their fears, their enemies etc.
Yours faithfull Leon Seal.G.
Sorry, I don't research other people's books for them.
found: Yahoo
Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me if you have ever met an elf. I mean like a full blood. Is it posible to meet one like out in the woods? I personaly think that I am part elf. How do you actualy tell if you are an elf? I know you are like one, but how do you know? I've met some elves. Possibly one or the other of us didn't know someone was an elf…
  Are elves gay? Are humans gay?
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I guess I had something like a mystical experience as I read your story, then I realized I was listening to Caoineadh Eoin Rua by N?ir?n N? Riain.
It can't be a coincidence.
I am not an Elf, I am something else entirely. As a fellow enlightened being I wish you a long and prosperous pilgrimage through life. Thank you for sharing your adventure.
People can be more interesting and wonderful than we give them credit for. Cool, eh?
  Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me what an elf is. Is it santa's helper? What does an elf look like? How does one act? What is thier personalities like? Elves generally have pointy ears. Aside from that they're as varied as humans or dwarves are. I'm not sure I want to do you research for you: I don't know who you are.
Riya My sister and I share an e-mail address. She thinks you are real. She e-mailed you once. But I know you were hit over the head when you were a baby and woke up with pointy ears. Then you thought you were an elf. You have serious issues and need a doctor (BAD).
Thinking you are a retard,
Why don't you come to Eurban Elfhame to discuss it?
illoren I belong to the race of men.
But i want to be an elf somehow.

Can you help me?
if you can please let me know it

You don't have to be an elf to be an elf.

Look for the light within you: in your heart, in your mind. Find it and nurture it and develop the strength to be who you are. Then your elfin self will come to light.



Some words of John Cleese come to mind: "Yes, well, that's the sort of blinkard philistine pig-ignorance I've come to expect from you non-creative garbage." I'm having a difficult time having compassion for your reaction to you painful existence. It must really suck to be you.
Nailo (Moondancer) Found: searching for information on true elves
Message: Well, over the past year I have come to believe that I am different from much of humanity. I am only 12, but in school I was alway different and had few friends. Then I started getting into fantasy and D&D and stuff. Also, I met a girl who is Wiccan and is teaching me some really cool stuff about the Craft of the Wise. I truly believe that I am an elf, so I just wanted to post for comments. n_n
Greetings, Nailo. I'm glad you found your path so early. Good luck on your journey.

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