ACS Personality Module Integrator

Generate a custom personality menu script for your ACS CCU.

This page allows you to pick and choose, cafeteria-style, from a set of robot personalities. The system will then generate a script that you can drop into your ACS CCU.

I grouped the personalities according to my own notions of autonomy levels:

  1. Autonomous: Can initiate actions. May refuse orders.
  2. Obedient: Can initiate actions. Must carry out orders.
  3. Subservient: Cannot initiate actions. Must carry out orders.
If you are using the standard ACS Autonomy script, then think of the "Obedient" ones here as "Autonomous" and the "Subservient" ones here as "Obedient."

Basics Choose Description
Unit Name The short robot-like name that will appear in your titler and chat renamer. Leave blank for no name.
Widget A
This determines which button in your CCU this becomes.
This should not be the same as any other widget you already have.
B is the default because A is generally used for Autonomy settings.
Whether your personality modules label you as a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Genuine People Personality. (Sounds awful!)
Modules Choose
You are strongly advised not to pick all of these. The CCU has memory for only so many personalities and other menu modes. Some of these are somewhat overlapping and it wouldn't make sense to have both of them. So pick and choose wisely.
Autonomous   Autonomous personalities typically can initiate actions and may refuse orders:
Emulation You act like a sentient being, although you know you are not one. By ACS.
Questor Android created by Gene Roddenberry after Star Trek, a precursor to Data: The Questor Tapes.
Mentat Android programmed to provide high-speed real-world computation, inspired by Frank Herbert's Mentat from Dune. By Irbisgreif Kuhr
Obedient   Obedient or Autonomous personalities typically can initiate actions and must carry out orders:
Combat Robot, android, or enhanced biological programmed for combat, like Roy Batty or like Sgt. Todd 3465 from Soldier. By Takala Ling
Robocop Robot programed for police work like Robocop.
Guard Prison Guard as for Black Gazza.
Interrogator Interrogator as for Black Gazza. By Takala Ling.
Medic Automated medical droid, or hologram like Star Trek's EMH. By Timberwoof Lupindo and Takala Ling
Assistant Robot or Android version of Mister Jones. By Takala Ling
Subservient   Subservient or Obedient personalities typically cannot initiate actions and must carry out orders:
Drone Low-level worker drone robot. By Takala Ling.
Robodog Quadruped robotic assistant like a Houndsoldier.
PlasticPal Your plastic pal who's fun to be with! from Douglas Adams' Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.
SexToy Basic pleasure model like Pris from Blade Runner. By by Takala Ling.
Prisoner Defective, Damaged, or Dangerous controlled cyborg imprisoned at Black Gazza. by Steffen Paule and Timberwoof Lupindo.

Click the "submit" button:

ACS is Autonomy Control Systems, makers of the ACS CCU, a widget to turn your Second Life avatar into a robot or android. Visit the ACS Hub in Second Life!

Black Gazza is a science ficition role-play prison. Visit Black Gazza in Second Life!